Two Oaks Investment Management, LLC

Two Oaks Investment Management, LLC was founded on the belief that common-sense investment disciplines are essential to help investors achieve Financial Independence.  Recognizing investors are interested in more than just numbers on a piece of paper, Two Oaks Investment Management, LLC incorporates common-sense investment disciplines when constructing a portfolio. 




We define Financial Independence as follows: 

  • The Assets you own produce Cash Flow in excess of your Expenses.  

We hold the belief that once you've achieved your Financial Independence you have the ability to pursue your passions in life.  No longer do you work because you have to, you work because you want to.  



To be successful as long-term investors we believe in the following truths:

  • Discipline and a long-term mindset are required
  • Compounding requires time
  • Saving requires discipline and consistency
  • Timing the markets and short-term trading usually lose in the long-term
  • Asset allocation and rebalancing can control risk and enhance returns
  • Both a buy and sell discipline are required
  • Investments should create positive cash flow - otherwise they are expenses
This is an actively managed dynamic portfolio.  There is no guarantee that any investment will achieve its objectives, generate positive returns, or avoid losses.



The name "Two Oaks" represents the following:  

  • Two represents partnership.  Partnership between the founders.  Partnership between Two Oaks and the Investment Professionals offering our investment solutions.  Partnership between Two Oaks and the shareholders.
  • Oak trees symbolize strength, longevity and durability - characteristics we value when making investment decisions
  • Oak trees are native to California as are the firm's two founders